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Youtube, Vine, Vimeo and more being added constantly.


Find all the videos that are trending and popular on the internet.



Tag videos and search by hashtags.

Private Messages

Send private messages to your friends.

Public Wall

Post publicly to your wall.


@Tag Friends

Tag friends in your post with "@".

It's all Here

All of the internet's best videos in one place. Share with your friends. Discover what your friends are watching. Watch videos before everyone else!

  • Dicover great new content
  • Share with your friends
  • Like videos you love
  • Chat with your friends

Out of the Stone Age

Have you ever tried to share a video with a friend? What do you normally do? Copy the video url; then paste it in an sms, email, facebook post, etc.? It's time to come out of the stone age. Welcome to the 21st century. With VUSE, sharing videos is easier.

Ever been disappointed by the recommended videos on the sidebar? No one knows you better than your friends. No one can recommend great new content like your friends can.

It's Awesome

But don't take our word for it...

Import Contacts

Import friends from your contacts or Facebook. No need to re-create your social network, all of your friends are already here! But it doesn't stop there. Find new people to follow. Follow people who share videos you like. Become VUSE Famous!


Surprise your friends with great new content they haven't seen before. Be the first person to introduce your friends to the next viral video! Or maybe your friends will be the ones to share the latest and greatest with you!


Chat and enjoy all of the best with your closest friends. #hashtag anything! @tagYourFriends anywhere! Search for trending and popular hashtags. Leave comments on your friends walls or chat in private!


OMG it's so pretty!

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